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7 Ways to Encourage Blog Reader Interaction


1) Enable Comments Functions

This is one of the most common ways to solicit feedback from blog readers. Most blog systems offer this feature. Some systems may allow bloggers to turn this on or off. Some also offer privacy features (e.g., no anonymous posting, etc.).

2) Share Your Email Contact

Having an email contact is considered an "old fashioned" way of communicating with readers. But, many bloggers and readers still choose this as their favorite means of interaction.

3) Use Trackback

A trackback is an indirect way for bloggers to interact with each other. However, it's a good way to continue the discussion across weblogs.

4) Create Polls

While not all blog systems offer this interactive feature, there are many free web poll services available that bloggers can make use of. It's a fun and a non-intrusive way to

5) Add Tag Boards or Shout Boxes

Most blog systems do not offer tag boards or shout boxes as a regular feature. But, there are third-party services that bloggers can utilize. This feature is good for general comments and quick responses.

6) Post and Use Instant Messaging (IMs)

Most IMs have a status indicator code that bloggers can use to show online availability on their weblogs. These are great for longer, "real time" chats with blog readers and friends.
Top 5 Instant Messaging Systems for Bloggers are Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, MSN, Jabber

7) Keep Discussion Boards or Forums

If you wish to add a more community feel to your weblog, where your blog readers may also interact with each other, then discussion boards or forums may be the right feature for you to use.

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