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Kris Allen become american idol 2009

Kris Allen Is the New American Idol Winner. Entire America is shaken and upset over 27-year-old rocker and singer Adam Lambert not winning the American Idol championship. We will see debates over this picking up sometime later by morning!

It is the biggest upset ever in the history of “American Idol” and the American Idol Season 8 ends on a disappointing note at least to many of the Adam Lambert fans who wanted him to win.

Alas the 23-year-old musician, Kris Allen, topples him in the stunner of a finale to clinch the American Idol 2009 title. Season 8 of American Idol ends …but ends badly for Adam, who sings better, performs even better than Kris Allen. C’mon the guitar player was shocked himself after knowing that he becomes the IDOL winner. He said, “are you frigging serious?” after host Ryan Seacrest announced his on FOX TV live. Kris also said, “it feels good man, but Adam deserves this- I am sorry. I do not even know what to feel right now. This is crazy.”

There is no debate to the point that American Idol ratings thrived because of Adam Lambert. Adam was tipped to become winner by judges and no doubt Adam had been responsible for setting a record for FOX music competition. There are over 100 million votes received. Although as of now it is not known as to how many votes separated Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. All I believe is that Danny Gokey’s fans would have voted in favor of Kris Allen. Guess in spite of same sex marriage bills being approved, America is still not coming out open when it comes to gay things and that would have cost Adam Lambert American Idol championship, who many thought could be a gay. Adam has to go home with just a Ford Hybrid

Kris Allen though will have to record his first single “No Boundaries,” written by Kara DioGuardi, and another a ballad.

As an Adam Lambert fan I feel he should have won and I feel he had gotten ripped off. Man! He commands the audience, sickish the Idol parameters, I feel it’s become a joke and feels devastating I don’t think I will ever watch the Idol again! But wish from heart that this man goes far and far in the world to fame!

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