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Cristiano Ronaldo spend the night with Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton may have hooked up with soccer stud, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The superstars were allegedly getting intimate at L.A. hotspot, MyHouse, last night. Apparently Paris, who broke up with Doug Reinhardt less than 24 hours ago, wants to cash in on Ronaldo’s success. The soccer stud is set to join the Real Madrid soccer team for a world record of 80 million pounds (approximately $132, 575, 998 dollars)!

Seems like Paris, finally got her way! Although Hilton's rep denied it, rumor is that the heiress has been head over heels for Ronaldo since they met him at a nightclub, last summer. Back then, sources say Ronaldo didn't pay much attention to the heiress. This time around things were apparently much different.

Sources told X17 Online: ‘Cristiano and Paris were all over each other swapping spit the entire night! His table needed every waitress in the building to service the large quantities of alcohol, and he spent an excess of 20 thousand dollars on champagne and drinks.'

Apparently the fun didn’t stop there. Paris and her sister, Nicky, reportedly left the club in a chauffeured car, while Ronaldo hopped in a cab around 3am! According to reports, Cristiano then went to Nicky’s residence in West Hollywood and didn’t leave until 5am. Paris has yet to be seen!

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