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Chronic Sinus Infection And Its Complications


Have you ever suffered from sinus infection? If so, then you are already familiar how hard life can be dealing with its symptoms. Fortunately, most cases of sinus infection are acute, meaning the symptoms eventually go away on its own after a few days. But imagine yourself dealing with the pain and discomfort for a long period of time. If this is the case, you might already be suffering from chronic sinus infection.

Chronic Sinus Infection and Its Symptoms

May it be acute or chronic, having sinus infection means that the nasal cavities in your sinuses are infected or inflamed. If the infection is short-lived, most probably you have suffered from acute sinusitis. However, if the symptoms persist for more than 12 weeks or keep on coming back, chronic sinus infection is the usual diagnosis. So how do you recognize a chronic sinus infection? Difficulty in breathing because of nasal congestion is the usual complaint, along with thick nasal discharge from the nose or throat. Nasal obstruction can also lead to reduced sense of smell and taste for some. Pain, tenderness and swelling are also commonly felt especially around the eyes, cheeks, nose or forehead. Other symptoms to watch out for are toothache, ear pain, sore throat, bad breath, nausea, coughing and fatigue.

Complications of Chronic Sinus Infection

If you notice yourself exhibiting the signs and symptoms of chronic sinus infection, see your doctor immediately. It is not advisable to self-medicate, as this condition is especially hard to treat. Also, there is the danger of getting immune to drugs or overdosing. It is also important to be informed that chronic sinus infection, if left untreated, can have serious complications. For those suffering from asthma, chronic sinusitis can trigger an attack. Another possible complication is meningitis, or inflammation of the membranes around the brain and spinal cord. Vision problems, such as double vision or blindness, are also likely especially when the infection reaches the eyes. There is also a higher risk of aneurysms or blood clots when the infection spreads to the veins and interferes with the blood supply to the brain.

For those of you suffering from chronic sinus infection, the good news is that there are lots of treatment options available that can help get rid of the infection. Combination of drug medications, steam treatment, nasal irrigation, and surgery are just some of the common treatments. To know which one is best for you, work with your doctor to get accurate diagnosis and determine the right course of action.

Prevention is also the best cure for chronic sinus infection. When sick with colds or flu, treat them immediately to avoid the condition from getting worse. If medications do not work as expected, consult a health professional at once. Leading a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising daily is also recommended for a stronger immune system.

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