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Be Skinny in Time For My Christmas Party


If you are trying to battle the bulge and not succeeding then you are not alone. Despite the diet industry turning over billions each year it still has a poor success rate for its many followers.

So what is going wrong and what can be done to achieve permanent fat loss?

Fat loss has to begin with the individual's lifestyle. The only way to secure complete fat loss is to follow some basic guidelines to help build health within the body and apply some overlooked principles.

Some of these guidelines range from getting a good night sleep to managing stress levels. Both of which can contribute to an over production of fat storing hormones. The truth is you can go to the gym and eat a clean diet but if your hormones are working against what you are trying to achieve then you are fighting a losing battle with the bulge.

That is just one side to the fat loss phenomenon. The other side is nutrition. The secret to eating your way to fat loss is to eat foods with the greatest nutrient value available. That means you need to eat foods that offer the most bang for the buck and the best place to look is organic and natural foods. What I mean by natural foods is anything that hasn't been interfered with by man. Processed foods masked, as a health food needs to go from your diet straight away if you are serious about losing weight and inches.

Once your body begins to digest high amounts of nutrients from natural foods you will require less food to satisfy hunger.

That is just the beginning, once you get your lifestyle in check and introduce plenty of good foods in your diet you can then be concerned about what kind of exercise you choose to do.

The most effective way to exercise is to choose a type that is challenging but short in duration. There is a saying you can train long but not hard and vice versa. The best kind of exercise that will work best for fat loss are the kinds that will leave you sweating and increase your heart rate and breathing. There are different ways to skin a cat and experimenting with what suits you and what you respond best from is the way to go. From my experiences resistance exercises of any kind work the fastest for fat loss results.
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