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How to Get Slim Fast

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I have thousands of hours experience witnessing what works and what doesn't work with different kinds of diets. Those who achieve the best results all have the same things in common and take action.

The top dieters have a clear idea of what they want. This ranges from the way they want to look like to how they want to feel once they have achieved their goal.

The most successful dieters decide how many weeks/months they want to achieve their goal in and set their minds to achieving it.

The dieters that get the quickest results know the exact reasons why they want to achieve their goal and then use the reasons to motivate themselves.

The dieters who seem to effortlessly lose fat are all familiar with the obstacles that could potentially stop them from achieving their goal and set about avoiding them at all costs.

You need to have substance, clarity and a clear-cut plan of action towards your goal. No one is going to get out of this world results plodding along at their own pace without any direction.

Here's how I do it and countless others who have achieved amazing results in the shortest possible time. If you are not seeing results after 10 days then you need to change something. In my opinion if you don't feel or look any different after following a certain approach for 10 days then you must be doing something wrong or not trying hard enough.

Divide your timescale into 10-day cycles and assess your speed of progress every 10 days. The more you do this the more you will become in tune with what works for your body and what works against it. You eventually end up with your very own blueprint for fat loss.
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