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King County Election Results


UPDATE: Despite the minimum margin to approve the atmosphere in Ref. 71 Games in Pravda, on Capitol Hill on the hand. Anne Levinson, chairman of the campaign sought to hear of a crowd.

"At this stage we will be a recount statewide. We have in 51 or 49," says Levinson. "There remains much to do control."

While the crowd had calmed down, he said: "I want those who refuse to shoulder with us in this kind of hate to thank shoulder. We got up and was strong."

State Rep. Joe McDermott, D-West Seattle, has taken the next step. "God bless the voters of Washington state, he said, and soon in a list of people who have worked hard, taken to uphold the law.

Decrease in the ref. 71 Games in Everett, said campaign manager Larry Stickney: "I do not know what else to do."

"We are still hunting," he said. "We are giving away."

Regardless of the importance of the choice of what was done here, "said Stickney, referring to the Supreme Court of the United States, the output of the R-71 can take signatures of the signatories of the petition.

In addition, "we have a new commitment to the community," he said, speaking of the political Christian conservative community. "We have a deflated movement" had past, he said.

He said it is too early to say what the next steps.

71 REF. has over 10 of the 39 circles in Washington, all in the Puget Sound. It ranges 2 to 1 on the King
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